Offerings & Rates

I used to offer Massage, Intimate Cuddle, and Edging in separate sessions.

Now I offer everything in one experience. Read about it below.


The Anahita Experience is an organically flowing blend of sensual touch, relaxing massage,

intimate cuddle, and playfully riding your edge.

This session is about enjoying every moment of the journey rather than focusing on the destination.

We’ll begin with deep, synchronized breathing to help you feel embodied and grounded.

Then I will take you on a slow ride into exquisite and attentive touch.

There’s no script, no formula. We’ll create a unique sensual experience together.

Maybe you need a massage to relax more deeply? Maybe a sexy cuddle is just what hits the spot.

No matter what, I like to take it slow, moving with the breath, and staying connected.

You’ll leave with your tensions released and a smile on your face.

Re-enter the world rejuvenated, relaxed, and tingling with pleasure.

— This is not a full-service session

It’s an experience of connection and surrender — while still respecting my boundaries.

If you need to know the play-by-play, or have questions about “what’s on the menu,”

then I politely suggest you find another provider who is explicit in her offerings.

To visit with me, you must trust and follow my lead.

$350/ 60 minutes

$450/ 90 minutes

$550/ 2 hours

* Add Male Sacred Spot for $50